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Fasting the way God intended.... The loosening of Healing and Miracles...!!!


I'm going to give you a little history on Fasting (this will give you debt in your decision of the "type" of fast and days length you will fast). The Bible does not tell us when or why fasting became necessary in the Old Testament or New Testament, but only that it was done and more importantly; it is the will of God that we do it.... And that we do it "often"!{ see Luke 5:33, II Cor 11:27 KJV }


Fasting has been practiced more or less since before the time of Christ, and has been the subject of study and experiment, but nowhere do we find an explanation of Christ's fast. There exists a theological opinion, held by Roman Catholics as well as Protestants, that Jesus fasted in order to atone for our sins; but this is only a camouflaged repetition of the question, and gives us no real answer.

Until lately, we could hardly find a layman, professor, evangelist, or teacher of theology who has knowledge of fasting (water only or dry fast for more than 7 days) from experience! Since they do not have this wonderful experience and have no idea of what it is like, they seek to condemn a person who may have had a fasting experience (holy trances, revelation visions, personal visitations of the Christ, speaking in tongues with the interpretation, the loosening of miracles, and even out of body throne room experiences). They cry out against something that they do not have, not wishing another to put them to shame for their lack. In fact there have been prominent theologians, throughout history, that declare fasting to be an unevangelical practice!!!

According to the Westminster Confession, XXI, 5, "Solemn fastings are in their times and seasons, to be used in a holy and religious manner." This makes "religious fasting" one of the duties required in the second commandment of thier ordinances, and ordains a fast in congregations before an ordination (this was their practice).

The Methodist Episcopal Church enjoins fasting or abstinence (as they call it) in the General Rules, advises weekly fasts to her clergy, and directs that "a fast be held in every society on Friday preceding quarterly meetings." It is rarely that anyone is found observing these rules of fasting, though John Wesley (a prominent Minister of God born 1703, died 1791 - attributed to the teaching of Sanctification) required all ministers to promise to fast! Early Methodist customs, however, observed Fridays as days of abstinence (if you find someone doing this NOW - you would be very fortunate).

As an authoritive Roman Catholic verdict, St. Anthony practiced it extensively and intensively. The system of fasting in the Roman Catholic Church was not founded on that of Christ and the Apostles. Their billions who have fasted and still fast, do not know why or how a Christian should really fast, and so, largely fasting in vain {see Matthew 6 KJV}.

Because many in today's modern church (as the church eras before us) for want of knowing its usefulness, undervalue its NECESSITY, and some reject it as almost superfluous, while, on the other hand, where the use of it is not well understood, it easily degenerates into superstition.

"Holy and legitimate scripture Fasting is directed to these ends: for we (the Body of Christ believers ) practice it either as a restraint ON THE FLESH, (TO PRESERVE IT FROM LICENTIOUSNESS:, OR AS A PREPARATION FOR PRAYERS or meditation before the Lord, "or" when in urgent need from God, or as a testimony of our humiliation in the presence of God (not, in the presence of man!), or even when we are desirous of confessing our guilt before HIM." FASTING (WHEN DONE PROPERLY BEFORE THE LORD) TRULY IS PREPARATION FOR PRAYER, MIRICALES and GODLY FAITH UN-HINDERED!!! FASTING INCREASES FAITH (see Mark 9:29 KJV)

Martin Luther (known for translating the Bible from Latin to German) fasted for days at a time while translating the Bible, and that is no doubt the great secret that lies in his "unrivaled" translation. His great faith was largely the revelation of God's presence which comes upon us only through "prayer and fasting"!!!


I believe and teach, that Jesus knew what HE was talking about when HE gave us directions on how to obtain THE FAITH TO REMOVE MOUNTAINS. HE invested us, in Matthew 9:15, to follow HIM. HE put a fast upon us. We can have the same power by obeying HIS instructions.

The formula or recipe is so easy that most individuals ( including some ministers ) read right over the word "FASTING" because their flesh will not ALLOW THEM TO come under consecration or keep them in denial (by giving strength to their personal will over God's, by NOT allowing them to succumb to the Will of God). When anytime God deals with an individual to come closer to HIS will, the flesh will always rare up and fight! If it does not loose control or be brought under subjection, it will consistantly reject God's leading. The "flesh will" must be kept under control by Fasting! Fasting keeps the body and the will of the believer dedicated to God!!! Fasting completely cures the Carnal mind and enhances the Mind of Christ {see I Cor 2:16 KJV}!!!

Regardless of what the mountain (in your life) is or obstacle you may be facing, if our motive is right and OUR prayers fail, it is because our FAITH needs to increase........ !!! What will give you your answers without fail {see Isaiah 58:6 -7, 8-9 KJV}, or give the FAITH!? Jesus gives us the simple formula for PRODUCING THE FIRE FAITH OF GOD.... "PRAYER when combined with FASTING"!!! In other words, that which does not respond to our wishes and desires, must respond to the one who BELIEVES properly. To BELIEVE PROPERLY for the work of Christ to be accomplished in ones life, one has to put in action what builds that type of FAITH. Although the FAITH BUILDER is so simple, (and this will bring the answer to ANY UNANSWERED PRAYER OR CONCERN in ones life), many actually overlook and pass by this wonderful Biblical Formula. It is strange that the small and seemingly unimportant little things that a child could understand are the hardest for adult people to embrace or accept {see Joel 2:12, Luke 14:11 KJV}.


Matthew 6:16-18 (KJV)- Moreover when ye fast, be not, as the hypocrites, of a sad countenance: for they disfigure their faces, that they may appear unto men to fast. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. (17) But thou, when thou fastest, anoint thine head, and wash thy face; (18) That thou appear not unto men to fast, but unto thy Father which is in secret: and thy Father, which seeth in secret, shall reward thee openly. The emphasis is this: "anoint thine head, and wash thy face ~ AND ~ appear not unto men to fast, but unto thy Father!!!

Well, that's enough for now to get you thinking and praying before the Lord as to what type of fast and the length of days of the fast. I will tell you this also; the "Daniel fast" (which is very popular among the saints) is "not" a fast for certain types of dilemma's in life that are serious enough to threaten our lively hood; family, health, wealth or particularly our ministry. When it comes to these types of life changing or life threatening issues.... it's time to completely surrender to God by way of a Dry Fast or Water Fast!!!

When a fast is done properly, it is from Sun-up to Sun-up!!! A whole day of fasting (contrary to most society in Religion) is from morning to morning!!! NOT morning to sunset. Each day is done that way, no matter how many days or weeks a person stays on the Fast. If Fasting from sun-up to sun-set were the case, anyone can live their entire life missing meals during the day and eating in the evening (Jesus DID NOT fast this way, and neither did the Prophets or the Apostles)!!!

The flesh can not really be brought under subjection to the Holy Spirit when fasting sun-up to sun-set and will continue to be in control because it never truly gets weakened. The only way God comes close, is when we surrender all!!! We must decrease (by denial of the flesh appitite and desire) so HE may increase - and when HE increases in ones life (no matter who they are or WHAT THEY ARE FACING - thier life will change miraculously for the better)!!!


When a believer is 7 to 10 days deep in a proper fast: Dry Fast "or" Water Only Fast.... This is when visions, devine revaltions from God, healings and miracles are loosed from the Throne Room of God. The Holy Fires are imparted upon the believer; when combined with consistant and vigorous prayer!!! Remember: The Kingdom of Heaven tolerates violence - { see Matthew 11:12 } '~))

This is not about church growth or membership with me.... It's about brothers and sisters that the Lord loves and so do I, aman. My life is for Jesus and the people of God, to the best of my ability.

Until next time my friend, may Lord bless you for reading this note and your family! God keep you in every way.

Your's Truly in Christ

Pastor C. Turner

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