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Prophetess Marilyn Turner


Prophetess Marilyn Turner is a Pastor and the First Lady of New Hope Int’l Ministries Inc. (NHIM WORSHIP CENTER), Miramar, Florida where she serves beside her husband, Apostle Charles Turner III. Prophetess Marilyn is a prolific speaker, author, conference speaker and most importantly a modern day prophetic minister with a precious anointing in deliverance, miracles and prophecy.  She is known as an advocate for today's Women of society.  


Her multi-faceted prophetic and teacher’s ministry is marked with incredible Biblical preaching.  Her heart is for outreach to hurting people pursuing those who are lost without Christ. She’s an active, servant-leader who runs to the battle first with warfare prayers and her journey through life to the pulpit has led her from a small town in Michigan, to the bright lights of Hollywood, then on to Ministry of the Kingdom of God and spreading His Word.


This self-titled “country girl” has been through more than her humble smile portrays. She is one of several siblings thrown into crisis after their parents’ separation and their mother’s tragic illness. Her testimony is lined with abandonment, emotional, physical and sexual abuse. But, it didn’t kill her spirit.  Prophetess Marilyn fought her way through, not yet knowing she was not alone. She set her sights on Tinsel Town and decided she wanted to be a star. Some of her acting credits include work on prime-time drama In the Heat of the Night and the sitcom, Girlfriends. She is also a longtime member of the Screen Actors Guild. But the road to success was paved with pebbles that caused struggles with alcohol and drugs.  She was searching for happiness but not finding any until she confided in a friend.




“She laid hands on me in my apartment and prayed,” says First Lady of the Christian woman who led her to Christ. “I was delivered from three demons; rejection, shame and unworthiness.”  She says she’s experienced such a liberty since that moment, that she is determined to help others find the same freedom.  This is why Prophetess Marilyn is so sincere in her approach to people with addictions and longstanding problems. This is also why she and her husband have the right balance of patience and compassion to carry out the Lord’s vision for NHIM WORSHP CENTER. Their motto is: “Christ did not come to condemn the world; Neither do we; all are welcome.

There’s a determination in Prophetess Marilyn that is undeniable and was recognized early by her leaders in the faith where she learned more about the new birth and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. She later joined the West Angeles Church of God in Christ under the leadership of Bishop Charles Blake where her budding prophetic gifts were bathed in prayer and she began ministering to women in California prisons.  After suddenly being called to Central Florida, Prophetess Marilyn obeyed the Lord’s voice and left her church, friends, acting career and her future husband in California and headed to Oviedo where she soon became an ordained minister.


The Lord told my husband and I, “I have sustained a place for you”, says Prophetess Marilyn. “We have found that this is our wealthy place in Him (in the State of Florida) this is where God will get the glory.” The Turners are charged with the task of reaching the harvest through dynamic prophetic release, preaching, teaching, intercessory prayer, healing miracles, praise & worship which they have done faithfully over the years.


In that span of time Prophetess Marilyn and Apostle Charles have tirelessly evangelized, cast out devils, laid hands on the sick, moved in the miracle healings of Messiah, grown the ministry work at NHIM Worship Center and won many souls to Christ. They provoke the saints to righteousness, victorious living and Godly maturity. Believers are encouraged to study their Bibles, and to fast and pray.  And together they are a dynamic duo (Apostle Charles is also a skilled musician and when Prophetess Marilyn begins to move in the Spirit and pray prophetically, she is often accompanied by him on the keyboard).  Most importantly as pastors they stress obedience to the Father and putting on the Mind of Christ.  News of Prophetess Marilyn’s work with the Women’s Ministry in Miramar, FL is growing tremendously and has brought many ladies from neighboring churches and communities to participate in events at NHIM Worship Center where they have been delivered from sicknesses, depression, oppressions and healed from disease. The Fire of the Spirit of God is on Prophetess Marilyn, the anointing is unquenchable and spreading in the Kingdom.


The ministry of Prophetess Marilyn is an immeasurable benefit to the Body of Christ, the community of Cooper City Florida and to the world.



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Ministry Ofc: (954) 906-2078

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