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New Hope Int’l Ministries




Operating in The Five Fold Ministry and the flow of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit,


We are a Ministry that powerfully impacts and provokes positive change in the lives of people from all cultures and walks of life by pointing them to Jesus and encouraging them to grow in their personal relationship with Him.  Our focus is raising up Christ Minded believers empowered through the Holy Spirit to take responsibility for their lives through Christ our Lord. We disciple people to learn and demonstrate Victorious Living, Powerful Praise, Worship to God, and Diligent Study of and Obedience to the Word of God; and with wisdom and humility, operate in their God given gifts and abilities to fulfill their destiny in Christ.  At NHIM, Spirit filled Worship is a vital and intricate part of our Ministry and it is during this that Miracles, signs and wonders are released and experienced commonly in our mist.  The Glory of God (the Holy Kabowd) falls adundantly upon our services manifesting in "Gold dust" saturations and appearances of our Lord jesus to many during worship...  We give our Lord all the praise for HIS wonderful presence in our mist.




We are a Body of Believers who Bear Witness for Christ and His truth who boldly spread the Message of the Gospel to the community where we fellowship and to the Nation.  We spread the Love of God in all of its fullness and power including giving to the poor, the widow and the orphans, so that the government of God is planted in the hearts of Men, Women and Children. 


We accomplish this Vision and Mission by: Remembering our Church Acronym - N.H.I.M.


  • N  - New Covenant Living by the Word of God and the dispensation of Grace.

  • H  - Heralding the Message of Christ with Signs, Wonders and Miracles following

  • I    - Imparting the Love and fellowship of God to all mankind

  • M - Making ourselves available to and encouraging others in Spiritual Growth

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